Walker's - Silencer Rechargeable Electronic Earbuds

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The Walker’s Silencer Rechargeable Electronic Earbuds is the hearing protection you need. These truly wireless earbuds provide 23 decibels of noise reduction and feature three program settings to suit your situational needs. Whether you need noise filtering for voice clarity, hi frequency boost, or power boost for really loud environments, this ear protection can do it all. It comes with a durable carrying case that doubles as the USB charging dock, so you can ensure you never run out of battery in the field. This electronic in-ear hearing protection provides dynamic wind noise reduction as well as variable gunshot suppression which allows you to still have conversations without taking them out. Protect your hearing whether you are at the range, construction site, or any other loud event with the Silencer Electronic Earbuds.

  • 23 decibel noise reduction rating
  • Includes USB charging case and cable
  • Three program settings: noise filtering, hi frequency boost, and power boost.
  • Includes 3 sizes of Sure-Lock sizing fins and 3 sizes of foam tips
  • Dynamic wind noise reduction and variable gunshot suppression
  • Auto shut off settings
  • Gray color

The Walker’s Silencer Electronic Earbuds come with three sizes of Sure-Lock sizing fins and three sizes of foam tips, so you can customize them to your ear for optimal protection from loud impact noises.

Walker’s has been developing innovative solutions to hearing protection and enhancement for over 25 years. Walkers line of products are continuing to push technology with advanced digital circuitry and water-resistant materials so that you can go shooting rain or shine. Walker’s is dedicated to providing hunters and firearms enthusiasts with an affordable and effective way to protect hearing while out at the range.