Ronin Tactics - Ronin Gun Sleeve

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The Ronin Gun Sleeve was designed and developed from the needs driven out of Low-Vis and Personal Protection Detail (PSD) operations, where traditional tactical gun belts will be too overt for these types of operations. Being able to conceal radios, extra mags, medical kit, tourniquet, handcuffs… etc. on an individual could be really hard when trying to keep a low profile. 

Our Ronin Gun Sleeve is a lightweight and comfortable tactical sleeve that will turn any normal 1.5” belt into a tactical gun belt. The Ronin Sleeve allows for 2 rolls of 1 ½” webbing, enabling the shooter to add any assortment of MOLLE style pouches. The sleeve is broken down into sections which will allow for any normal style belt to easily route through the sleeve. The sleeve is lined with a hook to secure to our Ronin inner belt (Sold Separately). Once the gun sleeve is secured by hook and loop to the inner belt- the belt will never move or shift on the shooter.

If you are looking to use this belt for Low-Vis or PSD then go off of how many PALS Panels you will need. For Low-Vis operations, go with the length of sleeve that will cover up on the back to side of your body- when wearing a jacket, you should not be able to see the gun sleeve, only the civilian belt.

If you are looking to use this belt as a gun belt and not worried about concealment- then I will go with a XL size gun sleeve. This will allow the sleeve to cover up most of the normal belt. 

Sleeve Size

Small= 13” Length, 2 1/8” Width with 8 Rolls of PALS

Medium= 16 ½” Length, 2 1/8” Width with 10 Rolls of PALS

Large= 20” Length, 2 1/8” Width with 12 Rolls of PALS

XL= 23” Length, 2 1/8” Width with 14 Rolls of PALS


MFG: Ronin Tactics, Inc.

Military Grade Quality

Tactical Load Bearing Belt Sleeve w/ PALS Webbing

Hook on Inner side of Sleeve

Fully Compatible to all Ronin Tactical Load Bearing Outer Belts

TAA Compliant