Live The Creed - EDC Pocket Trauma Pouch

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The LTC EDC Pocket Trauma Kit was designed so that you can comfortably carry life-saving medical gear with you every day. It features easy to use medical components capable of treating the number one preventable cause of death, bleeding out.


We understand that when it comes to EDC, the things you carry need to actually be comfortable or they will end up not being carried at all. The EDC Pocket Trauma Kit is the first trauma kit on the market to actually fit comfortably in your back or front pocket while still being fully featured to save a life.

The only gear that matters during an emergency is the gear on you.


  • H: 5.5″ W: 3.5″ D: 1.25″
  • Weight: .5 lbs
  • Store in a pocket, MOLLE Mount it, or clip it onto a bag/belt!
  • Made In The USA.