Lead Devil, USA - 1.5" Predator Inner Belt

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OUR ORIGINAL DESIGN of inverting an AustriAlpin frame buckle on our Predator Inner Belts is so the buckle sits comfortably, and perfectly flush under your tactical belt. The buckle allows the wearer to securely tighten/losen the inner belt for maximum comfort with ease. Its the most secure, durable and well made inner belt available, made from our proprietary Lead Devil Tactical webbing (LDTW). The Predator inner belt boasts 360 degree Hook/Loop fastener coverage.

This belt is part of the exclusive Lead Devil Exchange Program; we cover any and all damage including normal wear and tear (Details on Home page).

Available with HOOK or LOOP fastener.


  • Lightweight Cobra frame

  • Authentic Lead Devil Tactical Webbing

  • 360 degree custom molded hook Hook, or unnapped Loop fastener coverage for unparalleled shear strength

  • Part of our Lead Devil Belt replacement program (see more on home page)

  • 100% made and manufactured in the USA

  • Gen II Lead Devil Tactical Webbing is our proprietary hybrid webbing. Custom woven here in The U.S specifically for the use in our tactical gear, no other company does this. It’s then resin treated for strength and abrasion resistance.