Lead Devil, USA - 1.5" EDC Belt

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1.50"- EDC BELT

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DO NOT go off of your pant size, what you think your size is, or what your Mom says your waist size is. To avoid having to return your belts, and extra shipping costs PLEASE measure your waist THROUGH YOUR BELT LOOPS. Then use this number when referencing our sizing charts.

Our 1.50” EDC Belt is so lightweight you’ll barely know its there. It allows for flexibility, ultimate comfort and fluid movement, yet its Rigid enough to support any and all gear.

Used by members of various elite undercover U.S law enforcement tactical units and concealed carrying law abiding citizens throughout the United States. Simply the best Plain Clothes (EDC) belt available!

Aesthetic and low-key, our EDC belts are rigid enough to provide a stable platform for any size pistol IWB/OWB and accessories without “folding-over”, Yet flexible enough to allow for comfortable fluid movement. This is the perfect EDC belt.

Our EDC Belts are part of our exclusive Lead Devil Exchange Program. This covers; wear & tear, damage, maintenance, weight loss/gain. See details on our home page.


  • 100% Made in The USA

  • Lead Devil Tactical Webbing is our proprietary hybrid webbing. Custom woven here in The U.S specifically for the use in our tactical gear, no other company does this. It’s then resin treated for strength and abrasion resistance.

  • Perfect for all tactical ops, on the shooting range, training or soft-clothes warrant service.

  • Covered By our exclusive Lead Devil Exchange Program (see section on our home screen header)

  • Authentic COBRA buckle with or without integrated D-ring

  • LIFETIME WARRANTY against manufacturer defects