Arsenal Democracy - SWITCH V2 Gen 3 Glock 17 Drop In Trigger

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V2 SWiTCH® (Simplified Weapon Integrated Trigger-Combat/Hard use)
The AD SWiTCH® is arguably the most over engineered Glock trigger in existence. 6 operations between CNC and Wire EDM machines, an oil impregnated bronze bushing, zero adjustment necessary and a safety mechanism designed to be stronger and safer than OEM. The Patented SWiTCH® only has two positions, ON and OFF. Using mechanical advantage and completely redesigned geometry, the SWiTCH® gives the operator the best trigger pull possible without any of the guesswork.

Drop in Replacement Kit:
Trigger Body
Trigger Bar
Ejector Block w/Ejector
Enhanced Connector
Trigger Return Spring
Firing Pin Safety w/Spring